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ZED Certification

ZED Certification, also known as the Zero Defect Zero Effect certification, is a scheme launched by the Government of India to promote quality manufacturing and production with minimal environmental impact. The certification is intended for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operating in the manufacturing sector.

The ZED certification process involves a comprehensive assessment of an enterprise’s manufacturing processes and practices, and is conducted by a team of experts who evaluate the enterprise’s performance in areas such as product quality, delivery reliability, environmental impact, and energy efficiency.

The benefits of obtaining a ZED certification include enhanced competitiveness, increased market access, improved product quality, reduced waste and costs, and a positive impact on the environment. It can also help MSMEs to access credit and other forms of support from financial institutions and the government.

We provide ZED certification services, guiding our clients through the entire process and helping them to meet the requirements and standards necessary to obtain the certification. Our experts work closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and implement best practices to achieve Zero Defect Zero Effect manufacturing.

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Benefits of ZED Certification

Improved Quality

The ZED certification process focuses on product quality and encourages businesses to adopt best practices to improve the quality of their products and services.

Cost Savings

ZED certification helps businesses identify and eliminate wasteful practices, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability.

Enhanced Marketability

The ZED certification process enhances a business's reputation and marketability by demonstrating its commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Competitive Edge

Businesses with ZED certification have a competitive edge in the market as they are perceived as more reliable and trustworthy by customers and stakeholders.

Government Support

The Indian government provides various incentives and support to businesses with ZED certification, including priority in government procurement, access to funding, and priority in various schemes and programs.